We are different because we treat every child differently

Miguel, Lina, Isabella and Esteban. Family Owners of TeKniK Labs, during Mother’s Day celebration 2019.


We are a family owned business who loves working with kids!

Miguel, Lina, Esteban & Isabella are a Colombian native family that moved to Miami back in late 2014 with the dream of owing their own business where kids could have fun and learn at the same time. It was no long before they found a great program called Bricks 4 Kidz and it was then, when the real journey began. Shortly, after being completely dedicated to their franchise, and after having over 2.000 kids attend Bricks 4 Kidz at over 30 different schools and locations throughout the SW Miami area, Lina & Miguel decided to open their very own brick and mortar location which, at first, exclusively hosted all Bricks 4 Kidz programs.
Now, almost 5 years later the TeKniK Lab project was born with the goal of providing more programs as well as a LAB After School experience where our kids can learn new skills in a safe and controlled environment.

“It’s always been about our kids and be able to change their lives through Technology” With this opening statement, Lina is always looking to bring our programs to as many kids as possible. That’s the most important reason why the TeKniK Lab initiative was conceived, to be able to raise funds and take our programs to underprivileged communities. S.T.E.A.M. should be accessible to everyone and you, as a parent and member of our programs, are helping us to make this possible.

We explore, we create, we SHARE; making the world a better place through S.T.E.A.M.

Lina Correa, TeKniK Director


Our Mission

Our Mission as TeKniK is to have our children achieve their fullest potential through S.T.E.A.M. thus preparing them to the future alongside other children from different communities and backgrounds.


Our Vision

A world where children can reach their full potential by using technology to connect with their peers in a more meaningful way through the generation of quality content.


Our Team


Miguel Ladron de Guevara


Lina Correa

Director TeKniK & Bricks 4 kidz

Juan Ladron de Guevara

Enrollment & Payments


Contact us

Contact us using the form below or call us at (866) 384-5501


What parents are saying!

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Andrea Rojas Jara
Andrea Rojas Jara
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This place is awesome. I put my 7 year old son this week for summer camp and he has loved it. Definitely recommend this place for any kid who likes to work with legos. Staff is great as well.
Allyson Griffin
Allyson Griffin
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My son attended camp for the first time this week. He loved it! He was very excited bout going every day. The owners are amazing people who are very passionate and professional. I would recommend this camp to any child who loves technology and lego building blocks. Five stars all the way!
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez
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I have an 8 year old son and this is his 1st time going to Bricks 4 Kidz for the summer camp. He had a lot of fun on this past week (his 1st week) and he is so excited to continue the summer there. I wish I was able to attend when I was a kid but I am living it through him. Lina is awesome and I highly recommend her as well as the place.
Claudia Lazarus
Claudia Lazarus
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My son enjoyed every time he assists Bricks for kids he loves the place, lego and robotics and is there where he found his abilities. The owner and personnel are very gentle and kind with all kids.
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